Trip to Barranqueras, El Pris & Jover

On 4th March 2016 we visited the north coast with Carol & John.

 On the way we had good views of Teide covered with snow and above a low cloud.

Our first port of call was Barranqueras. Polka and Bubuji met two friendly dogs

More photographs taken at Barranqueras


Fishermen making cages

John, Carol and holly by lifeguard's lookout

Boy fishing

Our next stop was at El Pris where we had lunch after parking up a hill.

We walked down the hill to the fish restaurant, where there were 3d pictures of fish on the wall. Across the road from the restaurant there was a swimming pool refreshed by the high tide. There are may such pools along this part of the coast and a large one at Bajamar.



Holly has suggested we come back for a swim in November when the water is warmer.


On the way back up the hill to the van my attention was drawn to this building which was faced with pebbles selected to be practically the same size

We then drove to Jover which is near Tejina but not shown on my map.