Snow on Teide

On Tuesday 25th November 2014 we saw the weather was clear and sunny on Teide (pronounced tay di). We left El Medano at 10.15 after buying a tortilla at Hyper-dino supermarket.

Holly drove through San Isidro, Granadilla and Vilaflor to arrive at Boca de Tauce and Llano de Ucanca at about 11.15.  Llano is a flat plain and in this case it is the part of inside of one of the largest calderas in the world. Its height is about 1980 km above sea level.





We had priced cars on the internet and had hired a 2 door Fiat 500 through and holly was very pleased with it. John & Carol said there was enough room in the back when we drove out to lunch.

We parked at the entrance road to the posh Parador hotel nearest to Teide



Straight ahead beyond the Parador, was the mountain Guajara . There is a footpath which goes up there from here but that was not for us.

We made for the much smaller lightly coloured hill. Beyond the Parador there is a board with a map of the footpaths in the area. From here there is a rather rough footpath which we took to get to track No 4, which used by Park Patrol vehicles.

This track runs along the south boundary of the caldera and is fairly easy walking.

We were fascinated by the colours and shapes of the large outcrop which we had seen from the Parador, As we walked closer we could see much more detail. So here's lots of photos.


The track passed below a tall rock and we had a view of Teide framed with nearby rocks.


When we found somewhere to perch we stopped for about half an hour to eat our tortilla and have a fruit juice drink. Then we turned and walked back



There was not much vegetation apart from the remains of daisy and tajinaste flowers, grasses. and the occasional pine tree.


Tajinaste in bloom (not my photo)


Route 4 was a more popular popular walk than most we have been on, and there were a number of groups of Germans. Including the half hour break we had been away from the car for about 3 hours.

We were quite tired.


Photos were taken by holly with her Fujifilm  Finepix S  and by me with my Nexus. The Fujifilm has the advantage of a zoom lense.