Pyramids of Guimar

On Tuesday the 9th of February holly drove Tina, Martin and myself to Guimar. We turned  off the autopista before Guimar in order to drive through El Escabonal, past the Mirador de Don Martin where there is a good view over the valley of Guimar.

At Guimar the directions to the pyramids was well signposted, but when we got there there was little parking and that was all taken. We drove on and found somewhere to park on a turning to the right outside a bar. We walked back to the pyramids complex which calls itself Parque Etnografico.

The entrance fee was 11 each which we thought a bit high. However there was quite a large area to explore around the pyramids and an extensive exhibition area. The main theme of the exhibition is the adventures of Thor Heyerdahl and models of his rafts in which he crossed the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

                          The sculpture of  Thor Heyerdahl shown on the right is exhibited.


            There were numerous stepped pyramids within the site, and and examples of Tenerife flora in the gardens.

          In the exhibition there were photographs of pyramids from all round the world.






On our way to the exhibition area we passed a pool with water lilies with a pyramid behind. The flowers were very nice and holly said they were lotus


This is a photograph of the cannon which it is claimed shot off the arm of Admiral Horatio Nelson when he attempted to capture Tenerife from the Spanish on the 25th July 1797. We choose to remember the battle of Trafalgar but not this one.   However I am correct in saying "claimed" as the wikipedia article says "As he stepped ashore he was hit in the right arm by a musketball, which fractured hishumerus bone in multiple places. He was rowed back to the Theseus to be attended to by the surgeon, Thomas Eshelby. On arriving on his ship he refused to be helped aboard, declaring "Let me alone! I have got my legs left and one arm." He was taken to surgeon Eshelby, instructing him to prepare his instruments and "the sooner it was off the better". Most of the right arm was amputated and within half an hour Nelson had returned to issuing orders to his captains - "


In the exhibition there were many artefacts from pyramids around the world

There are many replica models of the reed rafts built by Thor Heyerdahl, One of which, the R.A.11, is full size.

 .Here is Tina, Martin and holly with three models

There was a full size model of R.A/11 which was behind glass making it difficult to photograph.

There was also a photograph of the R.A.11  at sea in the exhibition.

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