Montana Chayofita

10th February 2014


In the middle of Los Cristianos there is Montana Chayofita. It is approached from the north side, furthest from the coast. Holly and I with Tina and Martin walked up the wide rough track which had been kerbed in preparation for it to be made into a tarmac road. We had seen from Los Cristianos sea front, the the concrete stanchions of  an unfinished building which had stood on the montana for many years. The track ended short of the unfinished building which was fenced off with a chain-link fence and a padlocked gate.


The area was occupied as we saw a tent, caravan and car and generator. There was no way to the top of the montana from here.

 So we had to retrace our steps down the track to where path went off in the direction of the centre of the montana.

Again we could see no way through so we took a steep path up on the east.


From this path we could look into the middle of the montana and could see that there was a steep path to the top.

View looking westerly along the coast past Las Americas

We walked along a semi-circular path which was almost level, going along top of the ridge.

From the ridge we had a good view all around looking down on Los Cristianos.

Playa de las Vistas

Las Americas

View to the North showing Roque del Malpaso and large Cairn

Cairn, Los Christianos and Montana de Guaza in the background

Someone was pleased to get to the top!!

Path down from the ridge, the view into the centre and the path we had walked up, (or in my case partly climbed )

Right in the middle of the caldera was a well established make shift dwelling.

View northward from the caldera showing a cloud topped Conde hiding its flat top

Avenida de Chayofita, looking towards Montana Guaza, where we had a welcome cold beer.

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