Matilda and the Mouse


18th February 2015

Matilda is the cat we have fed each winter since we started staying at Los Dolfines, El Medano in the year 2000. We have her with us for four months from November until March. Alfonso looks after her the rest of the year.

She is less energetic now and spends a lot of time sleeping in the apartment when she is not eating or sunning herself in the patio area.

She did catch a mouse outside the other day and brought it into the apartment. Holly tried the catch it to put it outside but it escaped behind the washing machine. After a day or two when Matilda showed no interest in catching it again and we saw signs left by it each morning and we heard it nibbling behind the kitchen units we decided that we must get rid of it, for the sake of the washing machine and fridge.

John lent us some mouse traps which we set and put in the units over night. In the morning we had one mouse to dispose of.