Malpais de Guimar

Badlands of Guimar

The town of Guimar lies to the north of the Autopiste. To the south is Montana Grande and between Puerto de Guimar and El Socorro lies Malpais de Guimar. The Malpais is an area of lava which flowed from the base of Montana Grande 10,000 years ago and is now a Special Natural Reserve.         Holly took most of the photographs

Our route is shown in blue taken using GPS and Backcountry App. on a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The last houses to the East of Puertito de Guimar

Sea Shanties.    The last dwelling to the east of Puertito de Guimar

Looking back towards Puertito de Guimar



Well defined cinder path

   The one big rectangle and several smaller ones closely adjacent are salt pans which were used to obtain salt from evaporated sea water

Cardonnes growing up through other euphorbia

I have not yet identified this plant but my guess is sea kale. A popular food in Victorian times but now a protected speeches in the UK

The path becomes rougher but still distinct

Montana Grande in the background


We climbed to the top of Montana de la Mar and could look down on the path we had taken


Another unidentified plant




Cliffs below Montana de la Mar

Examples of the lava flows.

Brave surfers

Crashing waves

More of our photographs



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