Lunar Landscape


The Lunar Landscape is situated above and to the East of Vilaflor. It is not easy to visit because it is far from a tarmac road. Our first attempt was curtailed because after parking near the hutted camp site and walking for a while it started to rain. By the time we retraced our drive along the track to the main road above Vilaflor the rain had turned to thick snow.

Our next attempt, on the 19th February 2011, we found the track closed for repair so we drove on up the main road towards the Caldera and parked opposite the now disused waterworks buildings. The track from here generally follows the contour in the same direction to the lower track that was closed. You can see our 2011 trip on We were only able to see the lunar landscape from above. There was no way down to it. It was a very long trip and holly and I got lost on the way back and had to be rescued by John who got permission from police, in their car, to drive back from the main road along the track to find us. We were thoroughly exhausted and had a very welcome meal at Tito's bar/restaurant in Vilaflor. They were amazed to hear of our 7 hour trek and I got my legs massaged by an ex Real Madrid football player.

In 2012 we did the trip again to the lunar landscape. Now the lower track from the main road was open to motor vehicles. We drove 8km along the rough track and parked at the Hutted Camp.



The walk from there was up hill and we followed the signs fixed on stones and occasional cairns.

This time we were in better luck with the weather than on our first attempt, although there was some low cloud drifting about. Carol, John, and their dogs Punto and Polka were with holly and myself.


Its not a Gnome its me

The lunar landscape was some way but it was well worth the effort.

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