Las Galletas

On Sunday 6th March 2016, Carol had planned for us to take a party to Roberto's vineyard for the start of a walk down and for us to meet them at La Higuera where us would pick them up after investigating whether there was a walk from there to Las Vegas. However when we were half way there there was steady rain, so we decided to go to Las Galletas.

We approached Las Galletas from Guaza and parked on the right near the Red Cross hut. We had gone in two vehicles so we all set off for a walk westerly along the coast. There was Carol & John with their two dogs Polka & puppy Bubugee, Sally & Mike, Sharon & Bob, holly & myself.

Holly & I went for a short walk and the others went on a longer walk toward the lighthouse. We walked for about an hour and the others for about two hours, however they did not reach the lighthouse.

There is a bar which was closed and then a hippy encampment. We took a few photos.

The entrance to Las Galletas Harbour is in the background


Above is a group of cardone in bud behind prickly pears.

If you are brave, Google for  recipes.

To the right is a dead dragon tree

Entrance to Galletas Harbour

Galletas Harbour with Galletas in the background.

                After the walk we went back to Carol & John's house. They picked up Guido and his wife from San Isidro who were to join us for a

               meal of curried beef.