La Laguna

On the 17th December 2015 we decided to visit Santa Cruz and La Laguna. Holly wished to go to El Corte Ingles, a large shop in Santa Cruz and we would go to La Laguna on the tram. We have been to La Laguna several time on our way to and from walks at Anaga .We usually got lost when driving the car there.

We drove to Santa Cruz and parked in the large free car park before the Auditorium. We walked to Corte Ingles did some shopping and then went to one of the tram stops. You have to buy a ticket from a machine there before you board the tram; it was not easy. A local was trying at the same time, pressing all the buttons he could see and lost a 5 note and the machine refused to function further. Holly felt sorry for the old man, gave him a 5 note and went to another machine opposite and managed to get tickets but three appeared instead of the two paid for at 1.35 each.

The journey to La Laguna took longer than we had imagined. There is a university there and a. few of the stops were for campuses.

When we arrived at the final destination on Avenue Trinidad at La Laguna we sat and had a welcome beer.

The Avenue Trinidad is a dual carriageway but walking on up we came on a pedestrianised road to the left

We walked up the pedestrianised road. Most of the shops were closed as it was gone 2pm., siesta time. However we could look in the many shop windows so it was very pleasant and we came across four men busking. Two with acoustic guitars one with an electric guitar and one percussionist.

They played and sung music with a flamenco flavour. I videoed one song and afterwards bought a CD for 5 from them.












Some buildings were specially decorated.

                              Some pigeons liked bathing in a raised fountain



Further along the road we came to the Cathedral Plaza where we stopped for a two course meal of garbanzas, meat and chips and a vino tinto. We had more than we could eat.

We walked around the back of the Cathedral and decided to pay 2 to go up the bell tower. This was a mistake. We climbed up the first two levels with steep stone stairs and then up three sets of steep wooden stairs which had no risers so you could see right through them to the view below. By this time I was short of breath and holly was suffering with vertigo. If we had got to the top we would have had a good view over La Laguna and taken photographs. However we decided to turn back, which was just as well as the bells would be chiming whilst we were up with them.


Holly took some photographs of house leeks on the roofs .

The 2 each paid for the tower also entitled us to go in the Cathedral. The interior was rather depressing as there were many paintings of Martyrs and suffering. There was plenty of silver, probably take from the Incas.

The leaflet we received when we paid 2 showed us on a plan various other places we could visit, for our 2 each, with religious paintings, Asiatic Christian paintings and Byzantine icons. We were tired, so we made our was back to the tram.

We got ticket before boarding the tram which was just as well as a 'Titsa Inspector' checked them on our journey and we saw a notice saying the fine for not having a ticket was 400

We also saw that it was possible to pay by means of a smart phone app, which a good number of people did. The tram was used by a lot of people, including a small person who had fallen down and had a large plaster on her forehead, and had her mother with her.

Our journey back to El Medano took longer than we expected as we took two wrong turns, were blinded with the setting sun in our eyes, and ended up on the ridge road above La Esperanza.