La Fortaleza 1

La Fortaleza is a small Mountain to the north east of Pico Teide

On the 8th December we decided to do the walk to  La Fortaleza which starts at the Information Centre at Portillo. We have been to the Centre before and found an interesting exhibition. The next day we were due to return the hired car so we did not wish to leave too much petrol in it. We started off from El Medano with the gauge showing just over half full, but by the time we had got up to Teide it had dropped to just below quarter full and the dash-light came on to indicate refuelling was required. We had passed the last petrol station at Vilaflor. with some intimidation we  decided to go on and parked at the Information car park. Holly asked a taxi driver who was parked there for the nearest petrol station. He shook his head and said La Orotava .We knew that although that it was a long way away, it was all down hill. So we set off on our walk.


This is the front of the Information Centre showing the solar panels on the roof. The walk, sendero no.1, starts to the left

This is the view from the path looking down on the Information Centre. The path is only paved for a short while.

The turn-style and low fence at the start of the open ground looked incongruous. We enjoyed only occasional sunshine.

We came to the junction with sendero 24 which lead back to the restaurants on the main road

The top of Teide was shrouded in cloud and we had been told at the Information Centre that the cable car was not running and there were winds of 100 km there.   However it did provide a good silhouette to the rocks which I believe are called El Cabezo.

We found somewhere to sit, uncomfortably, after walking and taking photos for about an hour and a half and we could see La Fortaleza in the distance. We had read that it was a bit of a climb but the view from the top was great, but we had our picnic lunch and turned back.

On the return journey holly took some more photos

As we had anticipated the road to Orotava was all down hill, so holly cruised the car mostly in neutral to save petrol.                  Past Aguamansa, nearly into La Orotava we came to a petrol station.

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