Isle of Wight Garden


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Garden in March

Isle of Wight Garden March 2015 View from my computer room window

Hellebore Long lived shade loving garden plants of the buttercup family, that bloom in spring and stay in bloom for weeks. (Cottage Garden)

Hellebore (Cottage garden)

Bergenia Cordifolia,  Also called Pigsqueak and elephant ear.   Saxifragaceae family. (Near pond)


Camellia  from eastern and southern Asia, and the Himalayas. leaves of C. sinensis are processed to create tea) (Main garden)

Camellia.  (Main garden)

Camellia.  (Main garden)

 Primrose  (Primula vulgaris).  (courtyard garden).


Primrose. (courtyard garden).  

Daffodil  Narcissus of the amaryllis family.  (Various parts of garden).

Daffodil. (Various parts of garden).

VioletViola family. Larger flowers in the family are called pansy. (beside back door).

Cyclamen.  Grows from  tubers.  (summerhouse garden).

Hyacinth, bulbous flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae,

not be confused with the genus Muscari, which are commonly known as grape hyacinths. (By rear wall of bungalow)



Muscari, which are commonly known as grape hyacinths. (Small flower bed by pond)

Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica freckles. (On wall opposite back door.

Cotoneaster.  (In the main garden)

Often used as a ground cover plant.

It has a small white  flowers  and red berries


Spring Snowflake (Leucojum vernum) Flowers one or two weeks later than the Snowdrop. Galanthus nivalis. (Patio garden)

Garden and Lemonry in April

Heuchera Marmalade ( Summerhouse garden) 


Chionodoxa, known as glory-of-the-snow,

 a small genus of bulbous perennial flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae,  (summerhouse garden)












Daffodils (various parts of garden)












Alpine 'fire cracker' (in Summerhouse garden)


Forsythia Hedge ( Vegetable Garden)


Spiraea Snowmound  (By Japanese garden)

Forget-me-nots and beach



Magnolia Stellata  (Main Garden)

Apple tree and Blossom (Main garden)










Apple blossom

Berberis  (Top of Main Garden)












Bluebells pink and white. (Main Garden)

  Early flowering rose Maigold  ( In front of Lemonry, .called lemonry because of the variegated lemon tree in it )


 Hostas  (courtyard garden)

Pond showing Water Buttercups

Primroses in courtyard garden


  Acer and Spirea















Wild Large Daisies  (In front of bungalow)

  Mugo pine ( Main Garden)

Hibiscus lemonry

                                            Oxalis  (Lemonry)

                            Streptocarpus  (Lemonry)












Aechmea Fasciata.. Urn Plant (In Lemonry)

 Furry Cactus (Lemonry)


  Begonias (Lemonry)
                                      Succulent in Lemonry. 

                   Note many of the lemonry pot plants in April are

              taken outside in summer and brought back for the winter.     

Garden in May


 Broom (West side of Main Garden)

Hardy geranium 'Cranesbill'













 Aquilegia (Summerhouse garden)

Bullrush in pond











 Named for Meriwether Lewis who encountered the species in 1806. The native habitat of Lewisia species is north facing cliffs in the western part of North America. 







Variegated Weilegia  (Garden end of kitchen garden)

 Actinidia kolomikta (By back door)

 'Snow in summer'cerastium-tomentosum (front of Bungalow)

Osteospermum  in drive (View to road)    Also known as South African daisy, Cape daisy and blue-eyed daisy.

Part front view of Bungalow showing entrance to Patio and part of Lemonry


 Variegated weigela (Garden end of kitchen garden)

Heuchera Marmalade at end of May ( Summerhouse garden)

Garden and Lemonry in June

Rear of Bungalow. Golden Juniper,  Yuca and Summerhouse

Cordyline australis in flower and view to field at bottom of garden beyond Rosanna.


                         Cornus controversa 'Variegata'  

Known as the wedding-cake tree, because of its distinctive, horizontal, tiered habit.

Garden view from computer room showing statue and field in distance.

Gloriosa Superbum (In Lemonry all year)

 Genenal view of Lemonry With most pot plants gone but Gloriosa Superbum, Strelitia and Ficus Benjamina remaining.

  Wild large daisies rose Figaro and Pyracantha

Group of plants in summerhouse garden


Gerbera in pot

 Poppy in greenhouse










                                            White Rambling Rose



     Rose, Alberic Braberiere (On souith wall oposite back door)

                      Rose Chinensios right (Main garden) 

                       and Rose, Figaro east side of bodega  























 Rose, Geof Hamilton (Main garden by summerhouse)





Roses, Gertrude Jekyll ,right (by back door) and Maigold above ( front of Bungalow)








               Black lace Sambucos, Elderberry family,  (in Pool Area)


Yellow Pond Iris, View towards Bungalow

Garden in July

Day Lily and Day Lily tiger in Patio garden


Sweet Pea Salmon Duo and Prostrate Juniper in Courtyard Garden








Fuchsias in Courtyard

Ceratostigma  Blue flowering plant in Patio Garden                  

       Corydalis in front of bungalow


Relatives enjoying pool

Kiftsgate Rambling Rose climbing Garden Shed

Honeysuckle  in the courtyard garden 

Dierama pulcherrimum 'angel's fishing rod' by pond           

Double lacecap Hydrangea Rear of bungalow

White lacecap Hydrangea Rear of bungalow

Pink Lacecap Hydrangea Rear of bungalow

Pink and white Hydrangea in main garden 

Rose,   Felicite Parmentierier (Courtyard Garden)

           Sweet corn and  Asparagus in Vegetable Garden

          Waterlilies and goldfish in Pond

                               Silver Birch and Cornus Contraversa Veriegata

Garden in August

Canna in pot in front of Pittisporum

 Blue Hardy Hibiscus seen from Patio Garden

Cows in field at bottom of garden


















Hydrangeas along back wall of Bungalow

Garden view to Bungalow

Juniper in main garden

Rose 'The Breath of life'    in summerhouse garden

Garden in September

Montbresia Lucifer
Gaura by Bodega Shed

Hardy Fushia

Kniphofia   Red Hot Poker

Rose   Rosa Chinensis

      Sambucus Black Lace Flower

Garden and Lemonry in October

Large Hardy Fuchsia Bush by Apple Tree in main garden

Turk's Head Hibiscus in Lemony

Fern and ducks in Lemonry

Garden view fron Computer Room

Hibiscus and Streletsia


Hibiscus in Lemonry




Streptocarpus and begonia in Lemonry

          Streptocarpus  Chorus Girl    


Garden in November

Mahonia in Main Garden

Garden in November


Nerines in front of Bungalow