Ibiza Adventure    September 2013

Friday 20th.

Richard drove us to West Cowes where we took the Red Funnel Catamaran to Southampton. We had arranged a taxi to take us to Bournemouth. We flew from Bournemouth Airport with Ryanair. The flight was at 6pm. We have been on numerous international flights but this was the worst by far that we have ever experienced. The passengers were mostly made up of Hen and Stag parties. They were very excited and shouting and singing up and down the cabin to each other. They had been drinking before the flight and were served more beer on board. This continued and the noise got louder until we landed at Ibiza to a tremendous roar. Luckily it was only a two and a half hour trip. We had restricted ourselves to hand luggage only meaning that the total return flight for the two of us was 140, and we could walk straight off and get a taxi. We had arranged to meet Elisabeth and Roger at Hotel Hawaii. San Antonio



We were taken to E&R's yacht, "Harvest" a 42ft French Wauquiez (pronounced vo key ay) . Apparantly on the two previous nights they were serenaded by an Elvis impersonator from across the bay. Luckily we only had to contend with a bingo announcer



Saturday 21st September

In the morning' Saturday 21st, we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise at San Antonio.


Elisabeth had worked out an itinerary for a trip around Ibiza starting at San Antonio using the book

RCC  Pilotage Foundation  "Islas Baleares"

    Date                        Lunch                                   Distance                     Night                             Distance

 Sat 21 Sept.           Cala Bassa                             3 miles                         Cala Tarrida                           5m

 Sun 22                   Vadella/Horts                          4m                               Cala Roig                               6m

 Mon 23 &24          Escenda de la Codola              6m                              Espalmador                            6m

 Wed 25                  Punta Rasa                              5m                              Cala Tramonia                      20m

 Thu 26                    Pujds                                       5m                               Talamanca                          12m

 Fri 27                      Cala Llonga                             5m                              St Eulalia                               2m

 Sat 28                      Grosa                                     10m                            Portinatx                                6m 

 Sun 29                     Binarros & St Miguel                2m                            Cala Salada                          10m

 Mon30                    Grassio                                      2m                            San Antonio                          2m

Tue 1 October we proposed to hire a car to explore the the island by road



After breakfast, on 21st September, we set off for Cala Bassa where we had lunch on board.

                                                                                                                 We stayed over night at Cala Tarrida.

 After breakfast on Sunday 22nd, we swam ashore I used a cylindrical plastic foam aid which enabled me to stop and take a breather without sinking.

We motored from there to Cala Horts for lunch.


Small Catamaran anchored at Cala Horts

Then we went to see Isla Vendranell which was an old volcano with its caldera flooded by the sea. Sorry about the angle but the boat was rocking.


                                                                                               I took several photographs including one of a nice two masted schooner


                                                                                              Small white houses above the cliffs.


 We spent the night at Cala Port Roig. 

Slipways from the fishermen's huts

 View down from the road to to Cala Roig

 Monday 23rd we had lunch off Plaja de sas Salinas The white in the photo is a heap of salt being loaded into the red ship. We then sailed south towards Formentera.

We picked up a buoy off a very sandy beach at the Isla Espalmador. We swam ashore. I found this quite easy with the help of the foam cylindrical swimming aid.   We walked along the beach to the end of the island. People were aparently wading to the next island, so we thought we would give it a try. The bright light was dazzling Roger's eyes so he decided he would swim back and pick us up in the dingy later. We waded out, it was quite a way and I was pleased that I still had my swimming aid as we got out of our depth. There was a point ahead where a couple were standing where the waves were breaking. The current from both sides of the spit met here and formed a sandy ridge below sea level. We continued on as we were two thirds of the way to the next island. It became very stoney and I could only make it to the next island by going on all fours.

On this island the was a notice board saying you were prohibited from swimming to the island we had come from because of the strong currents. My eyes were watering badly as I had no sunglasses; I had not fancied swimming with my glasses on.

I was pleased to see Roger arrive with the dingy to go back to the boat, but Elisabeth and holly decided to swim and wade back to the other island and then swim back to the boat.


Aerial view of our wade between the islands.

We were told by the Marinero who arrived in a small boat that it would cost us 29 Euros to stay moored to the buoy for the night. Roger said this was too much and we went off and dropped anchor about a quarter of a mile to the south free of charge.

The next day,Tuesday 24, we went the short trip to the ferry port of Sabina. Roger filled up with about 46 litres of diesel at 1.46 Euros a litre. We shopped at a supermarket and I went a bar with WiFi.


Ferries to and from the Port.


Here is a screen shot from my 7 inch Galaxy Tab which I used during our trip to see where we were. In this shot we were sailing from Sabina starting our voyage around Formentera. I used an app. called 'BackCountry'. It used GPS to plot our exact position and show it on a map. In this case, on its map, it spelt Sabina with a 'v' instead of a 'b .

Of course Roger used the navigation equipment on board to navigate but surprisingly, he preferred also to use his 10 inch iPad which he hung over the consul in front of the wheel. He also had echo depth sounding and mini radar at his deposal.

My Galaxy Tab can keep a record of our journey as shown here. That was one of the main reasons that I got it. A couple of years ago holly and I got lost on a walk in the mountains in Tenerife. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmZ8S3CAmIk

Since then holly and I have have had quite a few winter walks and I have done 'blogs' of our trips on my El Medano web site.  See             http://www.el-medano-tenerife.com/TenerifeWalks/index.htm

I bought a 7" Galaxy Tab as I could carry it in my pocket and use it to track where we were.

On this trip I could see our progress around the coast of Ibiza and also track our car journeys at the end of our stay.

I used it to take most of the photographs. holly took the ones that needed a telephoto lens. Roger lent me a waterproof case which he had for his iPad, for when I took the Galaxy ashore in the dingy.

 From La Sabina we went to Punta Rasa for lunch.

From here we had a long nice sail as the wind was very favourable and we were able to sail without the aid of the engine. Tramonia, where we stayed for the night was a small bay with cliffs all round and a bat cave. There were no habitations here. We explored the cave with the dingy in the morning but found it not very deep and piled high with dried seaweed.

The next day, Tuesday, 25th we made for Cala Pujols for lunch on board. We swam to the sandy shore.  holly found a good place to snorkel near some rocks. This is where we said goodbye to the Island of Formentera.


We mostly motored on past Ibiza town which is built on a flat plain but the church and castle stand on a hill which can be seen in the photo.


We pulled in at Cala Talamanca to stop the night. We were not very impressed with the place so went off early in the morning to Cala Llonga.


Thursday 26 Calla Llonga

After a restful night we breakfasted and Roger dingy-ed the rest of us ashore. We looked in the shops and had a drink at a bar and got a WiFi connection. I was able to pick up some emails and send a Skype message to Sid.

We sailed on to Porto de Santa Eulalia where there is a marina. Roger enquired at the marina and was told it was 70 Euros a night. He thought this was too much especially as the price was to drop to less than half in October. We sailed on to Cala Portinatx were we anchored for the night. It was rather noisy with revellers going on to the early hours.

The next day, Friday 27, we sailed to Port de San Miguel and picked up a mooring buoy.  This is the view looking out to sea past Illa des Bosch, which was almost an island and was owned by people with a house built on it.

We spent a more peaceful if rocky night, sheltered by the small Isla Bosch . They were involved with building works to enlarge the house.

The next day Saturday 28th, Roger and I dingy-ed into the town beach and made use of the facilities at a restaurant including WiFi.


Later that morning holly and I went for a walk starting where the track went to Isla Bosch. We reckoned it would be an hours walk into the town and we would          meet  up with Roger and Elisabeth there at 12.30.

It took us one and a half hours as it involved a very rough path but it did take us by a little beach with a bar selling meals. On the way we had a few spots of rain but it was the only rain we had during our 14 days in Ibiza.

When Roger met us in the dingy we asked him to take us back there for a meal. He did not want to leave the boat too long as he had been told that the buoy we had used belonged to the large hotel and its boat had left earlier in the week and may return. Elisabeth and I had fried sardines and holly had a cheese mixed salad.

Elisabeth tried out the four poster

We had a light meal on board that evening after a swim.
The next day Sunday 29th I had lost my appetite but the rest went back to the beach bar for a midday meal. holly had a swim later but suffered a severe leg pain, and had a bad night's sleep. Roger made fast to an extra buoy so as to arrange that the swell was coming towards the bows rather then the beam which caused the boat to rock.  This was a great improvement.

Monday 30th we sheltered up as it was windy out to sea, but a great deal of time was spent snorkelling.

The next day, Tuesday 1st October, we were still sheltering where we were tied up but there was some debate as to whether we should proceed to San Antonio as the weather forecast was windy. We had had almost completely sunny days so far and temperatures mainly above 30 degrees centigrade. We made an attempt to make our way to San Antonio but we found the sea rough and the wind very gusty. Roger put up a sail but we immediately broached, ie. We turned sharply to the wind after healing over about 40 degrees. Holly was still down below in the cabin where we slept and wondered what was happening. We went back to the shelter of San Miguel bay for another day.

Wednesday It was not so windy and holly was making a recovery and was able to walk about the boat.



We mostly motored to the marina at San Antonio. They had an electricity power cut so we could not buy fuel, but we were directed to a berth and we tied up stern first to the pontoon decking.  While Roger and Elisabeth were inquiring about a berth, they inadvertently let us drift away from the pontoon. Roger shouted instructions to holly who started the engine and steered us back. That is the only time we were left  in charge of the boat. We paid our dues of 54 Euros for three days. The holiday season ends at the end of September, and prices fall dramatically and many holiday hotels and restaurants close.

We went for a tapas at a bar near the Marina and in the evening we walked along the sea front to see the sunset and the revellers having their evening meals sitting outside. Much San Miguel cervesa was being drunk. We ate at the tapas bar again.

We hired a car from 9am on 3rd October and Roger drove us to explore the north side of the island, visiting, Na Xamana and Port de Sant Miguel where we had lunch in a WiFi restaurant. We then went on to Cas Frances, Portinatx, Cala St Vicent and Santa Eulalia.

Cala St Vicent

On our return to San Antonio we parked in some free road parking some way from the Marina and ate in the Tapas Bar again.

 On our last day we drove to explore the south side of the Island. Our first port of call was Eivissa. Ibiza town is very busy with traffic and we only stopped when forced to by the traffic jam. We drove on to Talamanca and looked for somewhere to eat by the beach.


An inshore wind was causing big waves to break and the restaurants were uninviting so we drove on to Cala Llonga. There we a found a nice restaurant with WiFi, to eat at and we noted that there were few customers. We had a substantial meal and we were driven to the airport where we said goodbye to Elisabeth and Roger and thanked them for looking after us well and giving us a good holiday.


The flight back with Ryan Air was in complete contrast to the journey to Ibiza. There were a lot less revellers and those that were there, were sleeping it off. Although we took off at 10 o'clock in the evening and we arrived at Bournemouth at 11 o'clock, local time, due to the one hour time difference. Sid met us at the airport and we were very pleased to spend the night with Amanda and Sid at Hedge End.      It had been a very long day.


More photos


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