We have seen notices that warn you that if you park illegally your car will be taken away by a grua. That is your car will be loaded on to a lorry and taken to a car pound.

On the 9th of December we visited San Isidro and on our return, entering our road at El Medano we heard the car engine making a loud noise, so much so that it seemed unwise to drive it to a garage.

Our insurance covered taking our car to a garage in case of mechanical breakdown. Holly tried to do this Friday evening but was frustrated by a poor signal to her mobile phone and a change of insurers for our second year of insurance.

Saturday morning she had more success and arranged for our car to be taken to the garage where we bought it; where there is an English proprietor called Graham .He was there to receive it Saturday morning and said he would give us a price for repair. We knew we needed two new tyres to pass the MOT in March and holly asked him to do this. holly was able to drive the car up the ramp and on to the grua lorry.