Goat trail above Masca

The trail goes up the mountain shown here, but it is necessary to park in the viewpoint which is the first one below the one at the top. Parking is limited to about eight vehicles so it is best to arrive early. We arrived about 10 o'clock and just managed to get in.

                                              We parked at the viewpoint near the top of this photo.

                              It is the first viewpoint where you can park coming down from the top

There was a constant sound of goat bells from the herd of goats. The finca was quite isolated. They were certainly mountain goats.

Looking down to Masca we can see the road zigzagging down and also the other side we can see the road ascending out on the way to

 Bonavista del Norte.  To the right we can see the mountains which overlook Masca.


The path from the road started beside the private track to the goat farm. It was rough and uneven from the start. It descended quite steeply and we decided this was a walk for very agile people.

There were nice extensive  views down to Masca and back to the road and cliffs beyond.

 After some distance, John, Mike, Sally and Carol went ahead and we arranged to see them back at the van after the walk.

We  continued down the slope and stopped to have a snack near the bottom where there was a small level area before the path climbed again up the other side. We had been walking about an hour but our progress had been slow because of the difficult terrain.



Holly took some flower photographs. the spurge in particular was looking very good.

                There were some very large Dandelions







    Sally, Carol, John, and Mike, continued on the walk

      and  Mike Jeans took the following photographs