In Tenerife there are a number of eras.

Eras are stones laid in a circular manner to facilitate the separation of grain from chaff.

The wheat is laid on the stones and an animal, usually a donkey. is tethered at the middle and driven around to tread on and separate the grains of wheat.

Eras are clearly visible on Google Earth at the following locations,

28 degrees 16 minutes 16.79 North 16 degrees 48 minutes 22.90 West

28 07 19.69 16 41 24.00

28 06 51.11 16 41 36.12

28 08 59.40 16 43 36.05

28 12 37.01 16 43 25.71


Many eras are maintained although I do not believe they are used. .They were often situated near a windy ridge to blow away the chaff. There is no standard size for an era.

Photograph of eras.





Arguayo   Era seen from above

This era is smaller than usual and constructed in the lava flow

Era at Arguayo seen from ground level


Era below Ifonche and water duct seen from the path above



Another era at Ifonche