Nuns' Barranco    (Barranco de las Monja)

          Having recovered from heavy colds over the Christmas period on the morning of 5th January 2015 we decided to drive out to somewhere new.

We like to be adventurous. We tried to try to have a guided tour of the Wind Farm (Parque Ecológico) but we were told that it was closed but the gate keeper said he believed it would be open tomorrow. Tomorrow the 6th January is a general holiday.


We decided to go for a walk nearby and we parked in the empty car park near the Mercadona Depot.


   We walked along the well defined path which lead to a specially constructed view point which was a dead end. we took the path to the right which      tumbled down into the barranco.  From here we could see the tunnel beneath the motorway.

In the barranco the were a lot of grasses which had decorative flowers and seed heads. We are told that these are not native but come from Africa and are invasive and are an unpopular weed.

   When we had gone through the tunnel beneath the motorway, we saw that the barranco was well strewn with boulders ,but this had not dissuaded a  motor cyclist as was evidenced by the tracks

In the distance was a weathered pumas cliff but the barranco was blocked with natural stone wall which must have acted as a waterfall in times of heavy rain, which seem to occur only two or three times in the south of the island.

We stopped at this point for a rest. We had been walking for about an hour. We had not made much progress as we had been delayed by the boulders and the taking of photographs.

Here am I, a picture of dejection. I had lost my balance and fallen over.

We had a rest but although  thought I could walk back OK holly was worried that I did not look too good and insisted that she got in touch with Carol and John and asked them to come to help in case I fell again. I thought that was best. She had her mobile phone but there was no signal in the barranco.She walked back the tunnel as far as the car park before being able to phone.

She spoke to Carol who was shopping in Granadilla and told her we could do with some assistance as I had fallen down in a barranco. Carol rushed home to pick up John, who was decorating.

Holly returned with a drink of fruit juice, and we walked down a short distance so that I could rest in the shade provided by this rock.

Holly returned to guide Carol and John. They had driven down and met up with holly who had walked down though the tunnel again.

They walked through the boulders to the rock where I was well rested by now. They assisted in my return down the barranco and back to the car making sure I did not lose my balance and fall again. Carol suggested I took "more water with it". We were very grateful for Carol and John's rescue especially as they missed out on their Liddell's beef burgers which Carol had  no time to buy.  We resolved to walk in no more barrancos. On return to our apartment in El Medano, and after a siesta, I did some research into where we had gone wrong.

I found from Google Earth Maps that we had been walking in the Barranco de las Monjas. I had intended to walk part of the walk described in 'Guide to footpaths in Granadilla de Abona' which we had got free of charge from the Information Office. The walk was called 'Ifara los Derriscaderos'. We should have walked along the path beside the Barranco de la Mula (Mule). I found someone had written up this walk, see : -  and


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