Almond Tree Blossom

On 28th January2014 we drove to the Santiago del Teide district and parked just above Las Manchas (The Stains).

We parked near a track entrance and walked up the track amongst the almond trees which were in full bloom. A selection of our photographs is shown below. I make no apologies for the number of photographs, but I hope you enjoy them. We were carried away. The perfume of the flowers was wonderful and the sound of the bees without number was very pleasant.

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 This tree was particularly photogenic 

Santiago del Teide can be seen in the distance an beyond it the winding road to Masca

Here the Trees are growing right up to the lava flow of 1904

Bees have been photographed here by holly

Two white blooms.  The second one is broom

The predominant colour of the almond blossom is pink and white.


Towards the end of our visit low cloud and mist came in so we drove on to the coast at Alcala and had lunch.

More photos
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