Aldea Blanca


On the 11th January 2016 we went to Aldea Blanca. We parked in a car park in front of a mock castle. We checked to make sure that it was free and saw that jt was apart from 16.00 to 8.00. Presumably it was then reserved for coaches bringing people to the castle for the evening's entertainment.



We walked along the path to San Miguel but the first part was along the road past the church. We saw a ricinus (castor oil plant) with nice leaves but which has very poisonous seeds.


By the Church the was an amusing poster, stating that you are responsible for your dogs and pets and liable for a 300 fine.


Holly was also amused by the bendy lamp post


Here is an orange flower on a rambling plant seen in many parts of the Island.    We also saw a wall made of a great variety of rocks including one of poured lava next to some concrete.


Looking across a barranco was a nice house with a papaya tree, with lots of fruit.


The track became quite steep after a while but there was a path going down to the left and holly investigated further and took this photo of three arches

The arches seem to be built to carry a water pipe. Holly also saw a disused gallery, of the type used to collect water, with an old rail track, used to carry out the spoil.