On Wednesday 3rd December 2014 we had thought of going to Bajama on the north coast where there are natural pools, but as it looked cloudy in that direction we decided to go to the west where it looked sunny. 

We left El Medano as about  10am and soon arrived at  Alcala which is between San Juan and Puerto de Santiago.

 We wasted some time by turning left too soon but made the correct turn left at the roundabout. We parked near the sea beside the wholesaler, Jesuman. On a previous occasion we had walked left along the sea front to the harbour, but this time holly suggested we walked right.


View towards the Harbour

The island of Gomera can be seen on the horizon

We first spotted a fisherman and a seagull. They are small in my photo but holly took photos with her zoom lens camera. We also spotted a crab, distinctly red



The paths beside the sea were well laid out, edged and paved with different surfaces including boarding, paving slabs and red gravel and stainless steel railings. To the right we could see a large complex. Later we found this to be Gran Melia.

On the seaward side there were a number of natural swimming pools, filled daily by the sea. 




There was a number of beaches with black sand. The sand looked even more black when wet.

Holly remarked that it seemed that a man was taking a photo of a mermaid.

 There was rather a nice bar above on of the beaches. We had a cafe con letche and a cocoa which came to 4.5. which I suppose is the going rate.

In front of the cafe were two  four-poster sun beds.

Past the last beach the paved walkway ended and a rough footpath continued on towards Los Gigantes.



My first picture is a Google satellite view. If you are wondering what the large expanse of water shown near the complex is, it is an infinity pool in the grounds of the hotel Gran Melia     

To get this view you have to be at the hotel

You can see how the infinity pool looks just now on the webcam


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