Barranco del Rio Walk 3

New Years Eve 2013. We left El Medano at 9.45 arrived at the end of the tarmac road above the village of El Rio.

The road towards the mountains starts as a narrow one in the middle of El Rio and can easily be missed.

We parked the van on a convenient space on the left-hand side of the road and started our upward walk along the rough well defined track. The stout hearted may have tackled it with a 4x4.

We saw two isolated small houses. These appeared to be used occasionally by the farmers who tended their small terraced fields

In the far distance to the north we could see a cliff side to the barranco and a distinctive mountain. The mountain is part of  Guajara named Degollada de Guajara, A close-up can be found on Google earth. A good photo has been taken by Miquel Oliva.   It is is right on the southern rim of the Las Canadas Caldera and Teide can be seen in the background.

 Degollada de Guajara photo on google earth by Miquel Oliva


After some distance climbing continually we branched off to the left along an even minor track still climbing and now reached a an area more wooded with pine trees. We now reach the top of our climb, the sun was shining brightly so we debated whether we would stop and have our lunch in the shade of a tree or continue on.


We thought that the barranco was not too far away so we went on. As the track continued down into the pine woods but we went off the track towards the barranco. The pine needles on the ground made the sloping ground quite treacherous so we were pleased to find a old stone wall to sit and have our lunch of peanuts, raisins, tortilla, a fruit juice and an an apple.


We had a good view down into the barranco but didn't dare to go too near the rim as we could not see if there was any overhang. It took us two and a quarter hours from where we parked the van. We had a rest there for one and a quarter hours, at least I think so because I had a sleep on the pine needles 







 Holly spotted a mysterious black stain on the barranco face.

The walk back also took us one and a quarter hours. It was a lot quicker than the first part of our walk because although we were tired, it was down hill in the main and we took no photographs, except for this photo of a silhouette of grape vines with a few remaining leaves.


It had become quite misty. We were often in cloud blowing up from the direction of El Rio. During the whole of our walk we saw no one, neither walker or farmer. When we arrived back in El Medano it was still as sunny as we had left it.
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