Barranco del Rio walk 2

              Wednesday 4th December 2013


We drove from El Medano to the town of Rio by driving along the autopiste and taking the turning off to Chimiche and Rio. We drove into Rio via the one way narrow street turning right at the main road from Chimiche. We missed the turning to the left up the narrow road from the centre of Rio first time as the road was so narrow. We parked near the old house with an outside stone built oven.


We hoped to find a path here to the upper part of Barranco del Rio. On walking further down the road, on the left hand side, we saw a farmer with his dog, repairing his field after a flood.

Since our last trip to the Barranco we had a day of continuous rain. There had been flooding in several of the Canary Islands and we thought that the Barranco del Rio might live up to its name.

The fields in this part of Tenerife are constructed by building a stone wall on the lower side of the slope and filling the area above with whatever is available and topping it with 'jable' (abblie) a fine fertile material brought from another part of Tenerife . Unfortunately for this farmer the wall had collapsed and a stream of water had washed away past of his field. His wife saw us at the road side and agreed the rain had caused a 'disastro' for his field. She confirmed that there was a path to the barranco further up the road and it was very pretty.

Holly drove up the hill and parked again.

View looking down the hill to the track we took off to the right which would have been just passable with a four wheel drive vehicle.

Three well cultivated fields could be seen to our left, constructed in the countryside.

Much further along the track we could begin to see the barranco.




The feature on the far side of the barranco appeared to be a giant arch. However as we got closer we could see that it was an illusion of the light.


We then came to the end of the vehicle track and the way forward was across a small barranco by means of an indistinct foot path.

Holly pointed out that the path can just be seen going up to the left hand side of the cave.


I gingerly followed

                        After climbing up to the left of the cave we came to a flat area which gave us a good view down into the barranco.

                        It was completely dry. The bottom was covered with rounded boulders. This was the view towards the upper end of the barranco.

We also had a view downwards


  We had a break now and had a drink and ate some peanuts. Climbing down was more difficult than coming up as it was necessary to use our      hands to steady ourselves which meant coming down backwards. Holly guided my feet and I manoeuvred down without mishap. I have a walking pole with me but it is no help when climbing down. I was glad to get back to the wide track.

On the way back holly took some close-up photos. We could not identify the flower although it looked similar to a clover and was of the pea family. The snail had blueish grey shell.




This stone decorated with its lichen and moss attracted holly's attention.


When we arrived back at the van I noted that it had been two and a quarter hours since we left. I think is as long as I want without a longer break.


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