Tamadaya Trek No. 4.  to   Casa Quemada                

Google Earth screen showing tarmac road from Sabinita to Degollada and hairpin bend and right-angle bend at start of walk

View toward start of walk showing Fincas and lower Tamadaya. 

We drove from Sabinita to Degollada. There is a sharp left hairpin bend and the walk starts at the next right hand 90 degree bend, but the signposts are not easily visible. We missed them and parked outside the school at the lower end of the village. After walking up through the village we started our walk proper at 12 o'clock. It starts as a vehicle track serving a group of Fincas. We took the right-hand fork in the path as the left-hand one said Sabinita. The path lead not too steeply to the bottom of Barranco Tamadaya and along its gravel bed. 


Crossing the barranco we were faced by a steep path climbing upwards. Going up this zig-zag path we frequently stopped to look back and admire the view. 
The stops got more and more frequent, about every 30 to 40 paces in the end, to take a breather.
By the time we reached the top we had climbed about 350 ft I reckoned by using Google Earth. There was a tree giving shade so we sat and ate some peanuts and had a drink of fruit juice.

The house, Casa Quemada  we were making for was further than I thought. We got there about 2pm. Holly couldn't resist climbing the crumbling outside stairs to look in the upper storey. She found it more difficult climbing down. We looked through the ground floor doors had saw it had been substantially built, in 1903 and refurbished in 1932 according to the inscriptions on the wall. There was a convenient plank balanced on stones which made a good place to eat our lunch, in the shade of the house. 

We examined the garden, planted with 18 young olive trees and an older Árbol de níspero, i.e. a medlar tree. There was a cave with a locked door and an outdoor stone built oven. I believe such ovens were used for baking bread and drying fruit. I expect this was after the fire had died down and used the residual heat in the stonework.
We started our return journey at about 2.45. It was a much easier walk than getting up to the house and we arrived back at the start of the track at about 4pm. We then had the downhill stroll through Degollada to the car. It was not such a hot walk as our previous one through the bottom of the Barranco as there was more breeze.

More photographs taken on this walk

View down the barranco towards the sea

Disused aquaduct and pipe

Gravelly path along the bottom of the barranco

Disused aquaduct and pipe across barranco 

 Easterly view to far hillside

Distant view of house and view of path to it, also the head of Tamadaya Barranco in the distance


Holly inspecting the house

Inside room on 1st floor

Cave with door and view of oven

Looking down the Barranco from steep path

The path out of the barranco and back to the road

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