Exploring Barranco Tamadaya by holly & alan


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Walk No. 1 From El Contador

On 25 January 2014 we aimed to see the top of the Barranco. We drove to Contador, a scenic drive above Arico. It is a formal recreation area set out with seating tables and several blocks of four BBQ places. We have seen it on a good weekend being enjoyed by several family groups, but today, although the weather was sunny, there was no one.

We set off walking about 11.30. and found the route well signposted. There was a particularly beautiful almond tree in full bloom.

The route went by the farm house and we waved to the farmer who was driving off in his car. He was the only person we saw on this trek apart for some people we saw on or way back, whose antics amused us. More of this later, The farm house turned out to be a closely spaced conurbation of four or more houses; one of which had an old tiled roof in disrepair.

 Past the houses, the path went down a small barranco and up the other side. We took photos of the buildings from across the barranco.

The path continued mostly up crossing a vehicle track several times. We considered using the track which was not so steep but it was going to be longer that way and we may have taken a wrong turning. 


The views were excellent, we could see right down to Montana Roja on the coast. We eventually reached a point were we could look down into BarrancoTamadaya. It was very deep. Although the path continued it was steep and we did not fancy a long steep climb. So we rested and had a snack. 


We took about 2 and a half hours to get to this point, but going back only took about one and a quarter as it was mostly downhill and a lot fewer photos were taken.

The amusing incident happened when we were again at the farmhouses The vehicle tracks, although not as steep as the footpaths, can be quite steep and gravelly. There were four people negotiating a steep part of the the track in a small van some distance from us. Attempt one. The driving wheels lost grip on the loose gravel so they slid to the bottom. Attempt two. Three passengers got out and walked to the top of the slope. The driver still couldn't make it so he had attempt three, driving up backwards. It's better if the driving wheels at at the back. Still no success. After a good start he has just a cloud of dust to show for his efforts. He was not to be beaten. Attemp four with one of his passengers waving to direct him he raced at full speed up the hill backwards. Success!!! His passengers got in and they continued their journey. We didn't see them again.


Steep gravelly track 

We stopped at the recreation area and had our BBQ, prawns, pork chops, cold potato salad, lettuce and tomato salad.


        Other photos we took on this walk

Almond tree

Road to El Contador and Montana Roja in the distance

Bend in track seen from footpath

Path down to bottom of barranco and up other side, above head of Tamadaya.

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