Madre del Agua 

We left El Medano at 10.30and drove to Vilaflor in about half an hour. Above Vilaflor we drove along the mountain track to the Madre del Agua camping site. 

We were following the directions given in one of the 21 walks in the 'Footpaths in Chasna Isora' publication obtained from Local Information Offices. We finally started our walk at about 12.30. some of the delay was due to the fact we were unsure which way to go. We were instructed to follow the 'quarried stone channel over a small hillock.

There was no sign or recognizable path. We eventually picked our way as close to the channel as possible and were reassured that we were right when we reached a mountain vehicle track.

After a short distance we reached the huts 'El Source' which can be seen on Google Earth. At this point the vehicle track stopped. There is a big drop in the Barranco , at this which obviously forms a waterfall when water flow in the barranco. I cannot find the name of this barranco but it may well be called Barranco del Madre Agua.



From then on the path was fairly distinct but very irregular. I was pleased to have a hiking pole.

The path continued first on one side of the barranco channel and then then on the other.

We continued on though what was almost a jungle, the ground was covered with autumn willow leaves and the path was obstructed by three fallen trees. To get passed these I was forced to my hands and knees. We were rewarded by the view of a waterfall and pond. Holly slid down steep slippery bank aided by my stick in order to get a closer view photograph.


We had brought our lunch but retraced our steps to eat it in a sunnier spot. Our return was along the route we had come. The whole trip took three and a half hours. We did not see a path which goes on to the spring sources but we had a long enough trek.


Other Photos we took

Path that forced me to my knees

Rock faces


Waterfall & Pool.


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