Extension of the southern auto-pista the and Santiago del Teide walk

On Wednesday 30th December 2015 we decided to explore the new road just opened beyond Playa de las Americas.

It is dual carriageway for the first part and the it is a three carriageway road with two lanes going west and one lane coming back east , apart from two tunnels at the far end going almost under Arquayo. (see our walk Arquayo).

At Santiago del Teide we started our walk on the road just below the petrol station. It was signposted to Los Gigantes.

Below are several photos we took on our walk. We walked for about half an hour and then half an hour back.


Pickley Pears in fruit with Teide in the background










Aeonium arboreum, (syn. Sempervivum arboreum)

View south showing Tamaimo and new tunnel entrances

Looking back towards Santiago del Teide

On the 29th February 2016 we explored further south down this pathway. We first of all joined the path at El Molledo, a nice little village, and we parked near the plaza and church.

We joined the path near the point where we got to on our trip on the 30th December.

There was an aeonium in bloom which holly photographed.We walked down hill  but found after a while that it became steep and uneven.

               There was a strata of very hard rock which formed part of the path and also stood up where softer rocks had been weathered on each side.

 Although it was sunny there was a very cold wind making it very cold..

I should have been wearing jeans instead of shorts

As I am a bit doddery, my sense of balance is not so good we turned back. We drove further down the main road to Tamaimo

I took a photo of a prickly pear plant with cochineal  beetles on it; somehow I got some beetles on my hand and because of the bright red colour I thought, for a moment, I had injured myself.

. We rejoined the path at Tamaimo, a much larger town than El Molledo  . The path runs in a barranco more or less parallel to the main road TF82.  It is, I suspect, the old donkey track. It is steep and uneven in many places.


Holly took this fine photo of Teide in the snow. You can see the most recent lava flow on the island which occurred about 100 years ago.

About four days ago we had our first snow of the winter and the roads in the caldera was closed.


We decided to walk down the track but after a while I again thought it was unsafe for me although certainly OK for a more agile person.

On our way back to El Medano we called in at Adeje. There is a large car park and we had a salad and the famous Adeje chicken at the Oasis Restaurant. Google 'Adeje chicken'.  On the way from the car park we noticed this sign for a German dentist.