Walk at Ifonche March 2nd 2014

We had been told by Sally and Mike that they had found a new exciting walk at Ifonche called 'El Chorrillo' and they showed us this photo Mike had taken.

We set out to find this walk on 2nd March. Ifonche is at the end of a long cul-de-sac road from La Escalona. Near the end of the road is a cross roads with a large popular restaurant. We drove to the left here and passed the jumping off place for para gliders. See Julia Bradbury at Ifonche do this on a youtube  video : -   www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc7m2YDJ4j8

We drove on and parked before the house at the end of the road. Here is a photo looking back towards Ifonche showing El Sombreto and El Sombrero on the skyline.


We walked towards the distinctive Montana Roque Imoque and then to the era.

View towards Adeje and coast

Start of footpath into the barranco

Looking back towards Ifonche

Looking back up the path.         A euphorbia in bloom

Two views of Montana de los Brezos to the left of the path going down

Looking down to the hidden valley, Montana de Suarez and Roque del Conde, which does not show its flattish top from this angle.

A closer view of the water duct and era


Derelict agricultural hut and a close up of its doorway





Arch covered water tank

View from hidden valley towards road from Arona to Escalona

We had our packed lunch here beside the overgrown fields and hut.

We could find no path to El Chorrillo so we had obviously gone the wrong way so we walked back up the path to the van, holly was not pleased, and we drove back to Ifonche. Halfway we passed a sign to El Chorrillo. We were later told this was the end of the walk and not the best way to go. We did go on the correct walk with Carol, John, Punto and Polka on another day. See my next blog.



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