Sir Harold Hillier's Gardens and Arboretum


In September 2015 we visited Sir Harold Hillier's extensive Garden and Arboretum.


Hardy Cyclamen  

Hardy cyclamen are one of the few flowering plants that will grow in the dry shade


The long, hanging silvery catkins of Garrya elliptica (the silk tassel bush) are a striking sight in winter.

Common name Silk tassel bush
Botanical name Garrya
Group Shrub, evergreen
Flowering time Mid-winter to early spring
Planting time Autumn to spring
Height and spread 3-4m (10-12ft) height and spread
Aspect Sun or shade
Hardiness Frost hardy
Difficulty Easy 

Garrya is dioecious, meaning that it has separate male and female plants. Although both male and female plants produce catkins, the male catkins are considered more attractive. Make sure you buy a named cultivar that is guaranteed male, unless you want to breed them (in which case you will need a female plant as well).