When we first started spending our winters in Tenerife we brought holly's Aunt Ceci and we hired a car from Synasty, a British owned company in Los Cristanos. They delivered it for us to pick up at the airport and charged 300 Euros a month. As the cost was split three ways we thought this was reasonable. At the time we were paying 800 Euros a month for renting a two bedroom apartment. We missed coming one winter as I was recovering from a heart operation.

Our next winter in Tenerife was without Aunt Ceci and we rented a one bedroom apartment for 500 Euros a month. Synasty quoted a price of 500 Euros a month so we rented a car from Auto Reisen at 300 Euros a month

The next year John had a car we could borrow, unfortunately when we were up near Teide it made terrible engine noises and we were afraid we would be stranded. See my blog :-

Luckily John had bought a Renault Clio which we were able to use for the rest of our winter stay. The next year we borrowed John's Hyundai van. This year John thought that the gearbox on the van might let us down so we look about for the best deal on the internet.

We had to rent for periods of 28 days. We were directed to the 'cheapest'

deal by, CarRentals, on the internet. The first 4 weeks we used Europcar but when we asked for a quote for a further 4 weeks we we quoted 700 Euros and told we could get it cheaper booking on line. We got another quote from for Goldcar.

The quote was reasonable but the extras for insurance and petrol made us feel ripped off. For instance you receive the car filled with petrol for which we were charged 89 Euros, if it was returned with any petrol you would be

credited but there would be a service charge of 25 Euros. 800 Euros was charged as deposit on our credit card to be used in case of damage to the vehicle.

We decided we would be better off if we had our own car.

Carol said that Emma would be able to advise us about the formalities

of us owning a car.

Emma assists her father in running MotorWorld Car Sales at Costa del Silencio. So Carol arranged to take us there to see her on Thursday. I had already thought that we could do with a 5 door car costing between 2,500 and 3,000 Euros which should be cheaper than two winter's rentals.

When we pulled up at Emma's I immediately saw a 5 door Renault for sale for 2,495 Euros and I said that is the kind of car we want . Holly agreed but said it looked rather too posh. Obviously she was expecting a tattered vehicle. Anyway Emma explained to us the procedure in buying a car.

Holly will be normally be driving so it will be registered in her name.

The normal procedure is to take the logbook to the traffic police at Santa Cruz together with a passport to get the ownership transferred, but because we need our passports for travelling shortly holly needed to get a copy of the passport certified by a Notary. It is necessary to have a local address confirmed with a written contract agreement with the landlord, and you also need an N.E I. In order to get an N.E.I. you need to get three forms from a police station, fill them in and pay 9.45 Euros at a bank and return with them to the police station.

Carol kindly said she would take us to Las Americas the next day.

We started from San Isidro at 8.45 am. We called at the police station, at Las Americas, and collected the three forms and were told to fill them in, pay 9.5 Euros at a bank and return in two hours time. We went to Barclay's Bank at Los Cristanos, and paid the fee and they every kindly helped us fill in the forms and photo copied the passport. Back at the police station two hours later they quickly issued holly's N.E.I.

We then went to a Notary at Los Cristanos and got a certified copy of holly's passport for a small fee.

We then called at Motorworld and saw Emma.

She was surprised that we had managed to get all the business done. Emma was able to arrange the car insurance then and there, and we paid with our credit card and took take the car away, that is, after a much needed tapa and glass of wine at the Atlantic Bar Las Galletas.

The only fly in the ointment was that the contract for the rental of our apartment was in my name, so we have had to ask Alfonso for a copy in holly's name, which we will let Emma have.

We are very grateful to Carol and Emma in facilitating the car purchase. John and Carol will keep the car for us until next winter

My only complaint is with the number plate 2345CDL would have been a neat IOW number.